The professional / personal blog of Jason Shuler – making the internet less fail since since the year 2000!

Who is Jason Shuler?

A .NET Developer. A Windows Administrator. A Linux Administrator. A Network Administrator. A Database Administrator. A geek. A Homeowner. A Married Man.

You can find me in various locations online
Twitter: JasonJShuler
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jjshuler
Elance: http://jasonjshuler.elance.com
(I’m on Facebook, but I only friend people I know.)

Posts on this blog tend to be technical, and related to solving problems that Google (or your favorite search engine) fails to help solve. Often times the result of hours and hours of research, the posts are meant to help fill in the gaps.

… or provide an outlet for some burning complaint that has been poorly researched and is full of illogical superlatives. It’s a personal blog after all!

One last thing – comments are always appreciated – whether complaints, compliments or of course, questions. Most of this is done for the benefit of others, so feel free to ask away.

More info

Great story: I’m sitting in a high school science class, when a fellow behind me notices that my last name rhymes with Bueller (ala Ferris Beuller’s Day Off.) and starts saying it in much the same way Ben Stein says “Beuller… Beuller…” This least to further attempts to use my last name in a sentence, ultimately including “Shuler Enterprises” in there. I liked it. I liked it so much, my 17-year-old gears got to turning – “This could be huge… I’ll start a website!!!”
So I did.

shulerent.com was branded “Shuler Enterprises” for years. I started it sometime around 2000, and it has been through various flavors and intended uses. (For the longest time I was in denial that it was even a blog.)

— Interesting side note —
The very first web host I used supported php and MySQL, but php pages loaded painfully slow. I wanted to be able to post “news” updates without editing HTML all the time, but most blogging tools used php to render pages. I needed something that didn’t exist, so I sat in my parents basement at a computer for a good 12-hours and learned enough php to create my own database driven blogging platform that rendered static html only when a new post was added. I called it SENews. I eventually moved to a decent host and abandoned SENews, but I’m sure I’ve got the code around here somewhere…

Couple years ago reality set in and shulerent.com officially became a blog. Essentially.

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