OpenPilot Bolt Port – Old info


The Bolt’s FFC connector pinout:

PinWire ColorDescription
3RD/GY12v (10 amp)
5BUPowertrain CAN ECM side, High
6WHPowertrain CAN ECM side, Low
7BUPowertrain CAN BCM side, High (steering side)
8WHPowertrain CAN BCM side, Low (steering side)
9WH/BU(IGN) 5986 (data link to inst cluster & radio)
10GY/WHLKAS & Following distance switches
11GNLow Speed GMLAN

Obd-II pins (Panda Perspective)

OBD-II cable wire colors (assuming you used the one referenced. You should probably double check in case Amazon switches manufacturers):

1 – Brown
2 – brown/wh
3 – orange
4 – red/wh
5 – green
6 – green/wh
7 – black
8 – black/wh
9 – lt orange
10- white
11- yellow
12- peach
13- gray
14- teal
15- dk blue
16- purple

In our case, CAN1 is the Powertrain CAN Bus. CAN3 is the Chassis CAN bus. CAN2 is connected directly to the FFC’s Powertrain bus wires and requires a 100-120-ohm terminating resistor.

  • Cut the OBD extension cable in half, remove the outer insulation maybe 2 inches
  • Remove 2 inches of insulation from both sides

(I will provide more complete instructions later)
Here are the connections that need to be made.

OBD-II car port (male) <-> female OBD-II connector

From the OBD-II port we need to run the following signals through the CAT-5 cable:

  • 12 & 13 – CAN3H and CAN3L (use a twisted pair)
  • 7 & 15 – K-LIN and L-LIN (use a twisted pair) (may not be required)
  • 8 – Ignition

These need to be connected to the same pins on the female OBD-II connector.
Primarily we need the Chassis bus. Note that this is a filtered Chassis bus – most likely we will tap into the unfiltered Chassis Bus at the Chassis Control Module or the Power Steering Control Module in the future.
I’m not sure the LIN is used – I brought them up for safety.

Camera side Molex (female) <-> Vehicle side Molex (male)

The following pins on the camera Molex connector should be connected straight from the female to the male: 1, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11. Note that we will need to tap into pins 1, 3 & 11. (I was naughty and stripped a small section to wrap wires around – there must be a better way)

On both the male and female Molex connectors, pins 5 & 7 should be connected together, and pins 6 & 8 should be tied together. For the rest of the document when I refer to pin 5, I mean 5 & 7; likewise pin 6 refers to pins 6 & 8.

Have fun crimping those terminals! Do NOT fold the wire over and crimp with insulation – the terminals will not fit in the connector!

(TODO: picture)

Camera side Molex (female) <-> female OBD-II connector
Pin 5 Molex -> Pin 3 OBD (CAM SIDE PT CAN HI)
Pin 6 Molex -> Pin 11 OBD (CAM SIDE PT CAN LO)
Attach a 100-ohm resistor between 5 and 6

Vehicle Side Molex (male) <-> female OBD-II connector

Pin 1 Molex -> Pin 4 OBD (Ground)
Pin 3 Molex -> Pin 16 OBD (12v)
Pin 5 Molex -> Pin 6 OBD (PT CAN HI)
Pin 6 Molex -> Pin 14 OBD (PT CAN LO)
Pin 11 Molex -> Pin 1 OBD (GMLAN)

When you are done you will have a Male OBD-II connector that plugs into the car’s OBD-II port with a cat 5 cable running up to the FFC area.

Plugging it in

  • Remove the plastic cover behind the rear view mirror to expose the Forward Facing Camera (TODO Image)
  • Get in the car, close the doors, make sure the car is turned OFF and wait for at least 3 minutes for the car to COMPLETELY shut down. Don’t touch anything!
  • The Camera module is held in place by two plastic clips – you can pry it loose to make disconnecting the cable MUCH easier.
  • There is a white retainer clip on the top of the connector going into the camera – slide / pull this out. (It does not come off, just slides out maybe 1/4 inch)
  • Press down on the top of the connect and squeeze, wiggle / pull the connector out of the camera.
  • Plug the Male socket on your Giraffe into the Vehicle-side connector
  • Plug the female connector on your Giraffe into the Camera
  • Plug the Male OBD-II connector on you giraffe into the vehicle’s OBD-II port
  • Plug the Panda into the female OBD-II port and hang it over top of the rearview mirror (TODO: Image)
  • Plug the Panda into the EON
  • Pray we didn’t make any mistakes