Deviatone is in limbo once again, etc

I finally completed the Deviatone Independent study project, but alas it came down to a 6-week incomplete and an 8 page paper (single spaced). I still have grand plans for Deviatone, and I hope to finish it someday, but with my schedule as tight as it is, it will not be soon.

In other news, my sister Michelle is in the hospital. If you know much about her, you know being in the hospital is not a huge deal. However, this time is a bit different. She has too much fluid around her heart, and fluid in her lungs to the point that she needs oxygen to keep from turning quite blue. From what I understand there are / were a couple of theories: A virus, arthritis or who knows. They ruled out the virus, and are stucking with ‘who knows’ for now, but my parents and I are thinking it looks more like a Rheumatoid Arthritis complication. It would go right along with some other unusual inexplicable symptoms she has been having lately.

What does this mean? Frankly, nobody knows. Many a doctor have asked my parents about their Resuscitation plans, leading me to wonder if this might be the beginning of the end. Michelle has well outlived her initial life expectancy, and has been our family’s little bundle of joy for (I think) 23 years. While my Mother and Father have not mentioned it (in fact my Mom is speculating about when Michelle will get to come home), I’m wondering if she will survive this. Perhaps I am just being paranoid. Only time will tell. Just keep her in your prayers, ok?

Finally, to help my other sister’s cause, I am now hosting her art website, House of Shuler. Have a look around. She plans to redo the site fairly soon too, so keep an eye out.

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