Embryonic stem cells

I realize I haven’t updated in a while. I got married in august and have been rather busy since. One of the activities filling my days recently has been following the presidential race.

Now I am no fan of Bush. Neither am I a fan of Kerry. I want a change, but I do not feel Kerry is the man to do it, or *shudder* Edwards. Case in point: Kerry is making bold statements about embryonic stem cells that are plain untrue. He is making it seem as though Bush has banned stem cell research and is inhibiting progress. He is also saying that stem cells are on the verge of curing every degenerative disease known to man. These are terrible lies, and I don’t trust Bush to set him straight. Bush has a terrific opportunity to blast Kerry out of the water, but he’s either going to ignore it, or hurl some off-topic convoluted insult at him.

The truth is that embryonic stem cell research has gone nowhere. We simply cannot control these cells that are governed by processes we barely understand. There have been no clinical trials, no great headlines, no major hurdles overcome – nadda. Just a lot of speculation.

Now adult stem cells, on the other hand, have shown more than promise – they have shown results. Failing hearts repaired, paralyzed mice restored, diabetic mice cured (Edwards claimed embryonic stem cells were headed to accomplish the same thing. Absolute garbage), teeth regrown, jaws regrown. All of this using adult stem cells.

(This is my impression)

Why is it that adult stem cells work and embryonic stem cells do not? Why it’s simply a matter of genetics. A heart transplanted from a different person requires constant monitoring and anti-rejection drugs indefinitely. Without these drugs, the body will attack the heart and destroy it. Nomatter how close the heart matches, the body will try to reject it – the DNA doesn’t match. A heart grown from embryonic stem cells will have the DNA of the baby it came from, and thus would only be truly compatible with one person – the potential child that was murdered and justified in the name of science.

Adult stem cells come from the person they are used on. They contain the same genetic code, they are the same age, and they produce genetically identical cells to the ones they recreate. They work like magic almost – when place in poximity to a certain type of cell, they become that type of cell.

So what it comes down to is that the stem cell issue is giving Kerry an unfair advantage – people believe what they hear, and many, many people will support embryonic research simply to give a rationalization to the death they support. Bush can’t seem to get any domestic facts straight so it is a loss for him.

Here is an article to help you with those pesky unbelieveing tendencies of yours.


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