Windows XP SP2 TCP connection limit hack

After upgrading to Service pack 2 you may have noticed a lot of things screwing up and slowing down. A number of MS’s security measures are foul treat the symptoms sort of fixes. Case in point: The recent influx of viruses that connect to thousands of computers seeking unprotected copies of wondows to exploit all open lots and lots of TCP connections at once. The solution as Microsoft sees it? Limit the number of connections the computer can make to 10.

Ouch! That really messes things up if a person has, say, a server, or any p2p program running. Lucky for us, somebody figured out how to fix this tragedy. Check out this page:

This guy has created a tool to patch the TCPIP.SYS file to enable more connections – up to 50. Perhaps somebody can find a way to increase it more.

I had another thought – maybe if one were to replace the tcpip.sys with that from a server version of windows.

Anyhoo, hope this helps. If the site goes down, pop me an email and I’ll mirror the tools.

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