Danger of blogs

Blogs make it easy for any person to say whatever they want on the internet. However, they are also a cornucopia of misinformation. People rarely research their ideas before posting them to their little blog. In fact, a person will often tout coincidence as causal fact. For example, some person may be writing an entry about computers. They may suggest that leaving a computer on all the time is better, because “thermal cycling” is more damaging than constant operation. They may even go further to explain thermal cycling – that the connections within a computer expanding and contracting cause more damage etc…

Other people will read this entry and take it as the truth. They will convince all their friends that they should leave their computers on all the time. “I read it on the internet”… If the friend questions their sources, the person will fabricate the source “a technical website.” This tidbit of misinformation spreads. Like calling the box the monitor plugs into a CPU, or saying that asparatame (nutrisweet) is dangerous, these things are believed by the less informed.

The truth:
Thermal cycling hasn’t been an issue since the 90s. These days, dust is more dangerous than any temperature changes. Leaving a computer on all the time causes the fans to wear out quicker and the box to accumulate more dust. This doesn’t mean much though. It is a matter of preference, and you will notice little changes either way. So long as you clean it out, you’ll be fine.

Asparatame is made from two amino acids bound together. It is broken down into methyl alcohol, then formaldehyde. However, so is fruit. You will get more formaldehyde from drinking a glass of orange juice than from drinking a can of diet pop. Interesting what happens when thing are put into perspective.

Consider most people. Most people struggle to get Bs and Cs in school. Most people do not take care to support their statements. Most people let emotions create arguments (rather than empower them). Most people are just plain stupid. This means that the average blog writer is probably stupid, and that the average blog reader is stupid.

And for that matter, anybody that calls their online journal a “blog” is stupid by default. “I’m gonna go boot up my comp so I can log-in to my blog and post to the net.”

Stay away from blogs. They clutter the internet with worthless junk.

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