About those carrots

Yeah, that burning I was talking abut may not have been normal. I almost completely lost my ability to taste with my tongue. As a testament to the relative importance of the tongue vs. nose, it took me two days to realize that I had lost my sense of taste. I just kept thinking there was something wrong with the food. It wasn’t till I drank some Mellow Yellow that tasted very watery that I realized my taster was off. I was glad to know that Papa John’s pizza was not bad, and that I didn’t need to salt the refried beans.

It was the carrots. I had eaten a lot of carrots in the last few days, because I had them around and they were tasty. Turns out they were all I could taste. Everything else was gone and it was sad. I tried putting some salt right on my tongue, and I couldn’t even tell it was there till it started burning.

It took about 36 hours from stopping the carrots till the taste started to return. As it was coming back, tastes were delayed. I’d put something on the tongue, and a few seconds later a taste would sort of fade up and I could say, “hey this might be sweet”, but it was only vague.

Another thing. If you, like me, have read that apple cider vinegar is an effective home treatment for warts, be forwarned: if you leave it on for a long period of time, it hurts! It makes any skin it is in contact with act as though it is the victim of a chemical burn. And it makes it look much worse for a while. Still don’t know if it will work, but I like the bold effect it is having compared to the otc remedies.

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