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Wednesday March 15th: Monte Montgomery Concert

Monte Montgomery will be playing an evening show @ The House of Rock in Eau Claire this month. He is one of the best acoustic guitar players in the world! If you have any interest in music or playing the guitar you will want to attend this event. Here is a review from his Austin City Limits event. I also attached a couple links if you would like to see some of his playing.

The review of his act by Austin City Limits said, “Monte Montgomery blows people away. There is no other way to describe it… Like Michael Jordan defying the impossible with an air-filled leather ball on the hardwood, Montgomery makes his strings produce sounds that obliterate notions of what one human is capable of pulling-off on this simple instrument. Glance around the room wherever he plays and witness wall-to-wall looks of sheer slack-jawed astonishment.”

Watch those videos. Holy wa! You’d better believe I’m going!

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