Feline honor

Banjo, my funny fuzzy buddy, was relaxing under my desk, looking longingly at my feet. Looking down at him I had a shocking revelation: He was very cute!

So I got down on the floor and petted the little bugger. The squeaky wheels started a spinning, and my cat became a bonified purr-box.

If you don’t know what a slicker brush is, I’ll give you a hint – it’s like a hair brush made of hundreds of tiny wire bristles. Looks like it could be quite painful if used in the wrong places, but it does a superb job of freeing dead skin, loose hair and getting cats all worked up šŸ˜€

So I went at him with it. Banjo quite enjoys the slicker brush. He lays down and stands up and flops over and walks away just to turn around for more when the brush can’t reach him. I got three big balls of furr off his back, and reduced his dandruff levels – all in all his coat is in much better shape now. I’m happy, he’s happy.

How do I know?

Well since the first time I gave Banjo a good brush-down, after I finish he returns the favor.

No, he doesn’t brush me down with the slicker brush you silly.

He becomes my very own personal hair stylist – he really gives it his all. Even gets in ther with his teeth to make sure everything is in just the right place. Sometimes he gets carried away and tries to shape too much at once, but he’s ever so patient of my squirming and squawking!

Why would I squawk at such a kind gesture?
BECAUSE HE REALLY PULLS ON THAT HAIR! He’s trying to pull it out or something. Then he tried to eat my head. No, not bite it, he tried to swallow the thing whole. He’s got sharp little teethies!
But I don’t want to seem ungrateful, so I just let him finish his instinctual return-favor so he can be content. Then I look in the mirror and critique.
You see, it would not be so bad I imagine if he finished, but he obsesses on the detail, then get’s bored before he finishes. The result is generally the same – a three inch circle of wet, rear-facing hair just above my ear.

Silly cat.

Speaking of hair, I discovered something – when you sleep with your hair slicked back, not even a morning wash can repair the damage. Your hair will be messy the next day, and people will laugh. I know, it happened to me. I don’t care cause I’m a programmer and people expect such things from programmers. But you?

Perhaps you are going on a hot date
Or preparing for an interview
Maybe you are the manager of a large fast food restaraunt
Or maybe you are a Jehova’s witness
Maybe you work in a department store
Or maybe you walk dogs around in a dog show

Whatever it is, you probably don’t want your hair to look like mine did today.

So as I prepared for bed tonight what did I do to keep my hair away from my face?

I slicked it back. Kekeke, I hope I don’t have any meetings tomorrow šŸ˜‰

You all have a good night.


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