Warner Brothers Inks deal with BitTorrent



Wow. Just wow.

In case you don’t understand, there is no company BitTorrent. BitTorrent is an open source, duty free protocol.

That is like saying Warner brothers signed a deal with Ethernet.

Oh man.


OK, so the arrogant self worshipper Bram Cohen went and took his open source technology and “trademarked” the name and started a “company.” A company which nobody uses. A company he should not have named after a technology that the community has done more for than he ever will.

His clients are clunky, featureless, and oh yeah, written in python. Pretty much the most worthless programming language on the planet (tabs for heaven’s sake. What the heck!)

Yeah, so this ticks me off. If he wanted to start a site, fine. But don’t be a jerk and name it after a TECHNOLOGY. Much less an OPEN SOURCE TECHNOLOGY. Much less an OPEN SOURCE TECHNOLOGY FOR WHICH THE ORIGINATOR’S UTILITIES ARE GENERALLY CONSIDERED CRAP.

Ok, now I’m really done.

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