It's over

Something happened today. My father told me he was proud of me. He said that he believed I dealt with the hand I was dealt better than most people would, and that while a divorce is nothing to be proud of, he was proud of the way I handled it.
I am going to break down when I share this in group tomorrow. If I share it.

It was one heck of a moment. I know my dad has been proud of me in the past, but this was one of those heart-felt moments. I could swear I heard a very slight, almost inaudible choking back. It was the sort that nobody else in the world could have heard. Not because the message was for me, but because the response was so familiar. I know what happens to my voice when I start choking up, and I got my voice from him. I am my father’s son, and as such there are things about me that he understands better than anyone else, and there are things about him that I understand likewise.
That is one heck of a realization.

I must say this whole ordeal has opened my eyes to many blessings I took for granted.

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