Stupid Headlines – The price of tea in China?

So there is only one today, but it’s a good one.

Eating Beef in Pregnancy Linked to Reduced Sperm in Adult Sons

Eat a lot of beef? It may affect your son’s sperm

“Consumption of beef by women during pregnancy may alter a male’s in utero testicular development and compromise his future reproductive capacity, researchers here reported. …”

“… They believe pesticides, hormones or contaminants in cattle feed may be to blame. Chemicals can build up in the fat of animals that eat contaminated feed or grass, and cattle were and are routinely given hormones to boost their growth. …”

And the zinger:

“… The team at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York studied data on the partners of 387 pregnant women in five U.S. cities between 2000 and 2005, and on the mothers of the fathers-to-be.
Of the 51 men whose mothers remembered eating the most beef, 18 percent had sperm counts classified by the World Health Organization as sub-fertile. …”

So based on what the mother was able to remember / willing to admit regarding her subjective, non-quantifiable consumption of beef, these scientist think they have demonstrated a causal relationship between the beef eating of the mother to the sperm count of the adult son.

If this is the future of science, we are all doomed.

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