Air dusters with Bittering Agent

Because we humans are utterly incapable of controlling ourselves, manufacturers of product with the potential for abuse often take it upon themselves to protect us.

Case in point – manufacturers of Ar dusters. It has become trendy to inhale the fumes from these dusters to get a bit of a buzz. Because kids are doing this, rather than finding a better formulation, they are adding a “Bittering Agent” to discourage huffing.

I recently purchased a 6-pack of 3M Dust Removers from Sam’s club – they are just about the cheapest you will find. When checking out, I learned that you must be 21 years old to purchase them…
Drinking age… You can smoke cigarettes at 18, hold a full-time job at an office, be married and have kids (although you you are under 21 and doing all things things, I doubt it would last long…) but you would not be allowed to purchase a can of compressed air.

Ok, no biggie, I’m over 21.

So I get home and I get to using the can. I clean out my laptop keyboard, and desktop keyboard. I blow the dust from my motherboard. Occasionally, the can releases some liquid, since it is so very full.

Later on, after using my latop a bit, and most likely wiping my mouth with my hand, I notice that my lips are bitter. I remembered about hte bittering agent, and tasted my finger a bit. GAAAH!!!

My mouth was filled with a terrible bitterness that water would not relieve. I tried soap and water – no good. Nothing seems to take this stuff off.

So now my keyboards and a number of other items have bittering agent all over them, and there is nothing I can do to remove it.

Do me a favor – do not buy any dusters containing a bittering agent, and send the recommendation to everybody you know. Complain about it to the manufacturer and store owner. Using these products will make your hands bitter, and I can not find a way to remove it. Hopefully 3M has a solution. I wonder if this could be grounds for a lawsuit :-D…

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