Let's pop some balloons for the fourth of july!!

This is quoted from here:

Children love the glitz and flash of fireworks, but there are safer alternatives, doctors said.

“There are so many ways you can celebrate the Fourth that are safer than fireworks,” Hecker said.

For example, Block recommends replacing sparklers with glow sticks, glow necklaces or novelty flashlights. “Pick something that’s safe versus something that’s dangerous,” she said.

If you live in the right areas of the country, you can enlist kids’ help in catching nature’s alternative to fireworks — a jarful of fireflies, Block said.

And the loud bang of fireworks can be replaced with burst balloons or paper bags, or with safe novelty noisemakers from a party store. Parents with an added dose of patience can also let their kids bang pots and pans from the kitchen, or let them run loose with horns, whistles, bells and cymbals, the experts suggested.

A Fourth of July party for kids can include a number of fun and safe activities, according to Prevent Blindness America. These include:

Letting little ones make decorations with crepe paper, construction paper, stickers and glue.
Planning food-making activities like patriotic pizzas and desserts.
Getting the kids to decorate T-shirts or hats with paint and decals that glow in the dark. By the time nightfall rolls around, their new night-bright clothes will be dry and ready to model.
Finally, there’s no substitute for the real thing, so head to a professional fireworks display. “Take the family as a group to observe it, and let the licensed professionals handle the show,” Block said.

And be sure to warn your children about attending neighbors’ displays, where most injuries occur to bystanders.

Hey, you know what else is dangerous? Bicycles! Do you know how many children have been injured or killed on a bicycle?

There are plenty of safer alternatives to the bicycle. Have then run around with pieces of foam and pretend like they are steering!
Blow a fan at them to simulate the fast speeds!!

On second thought, fan blades are dangerous, and if they run around, somebody could get hurt. Better to sit in a soft chair and don’t touch anything hard that you could hurt yourself on.

“Fireworks caused an estimated 10,800 injuries to be treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms in 2005”

10,800 injuries compared with the millions of people setting them off? I have a feeling the real numbers are far less scary.

We live in a country where people can and should be allowed to do dangerous things. Making it illegal is not the answer. Education is.

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