In general, I have tried not to think about the implications of what happened this week. And generally speaking, I have not had too much sadness.

But then in the mall – during the 5 minutes I was there this afternoon, they played Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.

When certain types of things happen to me, whatever songs I hear during that period tend to bring back memories. For example:

If I listen to certain songs by Sixpence None The Richer, I recall the sounds and feelings of getting my wisedom teeth pulled.

When I listen to the album Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple, I remember driving to work late at night responding to a call, and I was … emotionally troubled.

As much as I like it, I do not dare listen to a recent System of a Down album because of “revelation” I had while listening to it. I am afraid of experiencing that revelation again.

So back to Chasing Cars. This song is kind of sad to begin with – well it was playing at the vets office while I was having my last visit with Banjo.

When I heard it in the mall, the vet’s office came back, and I once again realized that I will never see my fuzzy little buddy again. And it sucked.

On the bright side, I’m 9th in line to get Harry Potter 7 at Waldenbooks in the mall. They are having a release party that sounds like loads of fun. Course it would be awefully nice if I had somebody to go with… but that is another matter altogether.

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