I found this bit of prose recorded in a bedside notebook of mine.

Time is not a tick-tock.
It is like a river -
      gentle or rapid it's pace is a whoosh
      or a rumble. a burble or a roar,
      a hum...

        time is taught from birth as nothing more than a tick-tock,
 a blink-blink, a tap-tap at a constant rate, impulsive, consistent.
Time passes in silence with mind shattering crash after crash - as the
clockwork interrups nature's flow with omnidirectional shockwaves of
  Go      intermittant tasks are measured in the turning of a gear.

Time has been bottled up, refined, forified and sold to humanity
to be used one drop at a time -- the river tamed by the superiority of mankind.
The roar, the rush, the trickle  nothing but a Drip, Drip, Drip...

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