Embedding vzaar video in SharePoint 2010 page

vzaar.com is a video hosting service (kind of like Brightcove, only cheaper) that can be used to stream and manage video content when you don’t want to, or cannot serve it up yourself. You could use youtube, but, well, do you really want to embed youtube in your corporate extranet?

In my case, we wanted to video embedded into a SharePoint 2010 page.

Turns out, sharepoint strips out the embed code pasted into the HTML editor for a page. After much searching (see previous post) I came across a method of embedding flash videos, that is made even easier for vzaar videos by the API.

1. Add a Content Editor web part to your page.
If the page is web part page, this is as simple as clicking any “Add Web Part” link in the page editor.
If it is a “wiki-style” page, you will need to go to the Insert ribbon tab, and select Web Part

2. Select the “Media and Content” category, then the “Content Editor” web part and click Add.

3. Open the Content Editor Web Part properties, paste the “basic embed code (api call)” from the vzaar video, click OK
(To get the basic embed code, in your vzaar video library click the Manage link next to the desired video, and scroll to the bottom)
(To open the content editor properties, either click the dropdown in the web part, or click on the web part and use the Ribbon tab)

That’s it. Your video should now show up embedded right in the sharepoint page.

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