Bad or good, nobody knows.

Look what they figured out.

Summary: putting up pictures of eyes makes people more honest.

The world in 1984 was not a good thing. Big Brother was once a symbol of oppression. Then they made a TV show. Now it’s lost its stigma, so you put it in a headline, and people think of reality TV, not a poorly written book with terrifyingly familiar themes.

Just wait. The freedoms that have been destroyed in the name of “fighting terror” are a terror in and of themselves.
You see, the goal of terrorist activity is to cause fear, and to get a fearful reaction. The Muslim terrorists cannot be appeased – our very way of life offends them. We are infidels. Our country is morally diseased.

So they attack – try to destroy our freedoms. Our president believes that fighting back is the answer – a holy war. And what happens in time of war?

An unregulated, secret branch of the federal government is permitted to search without a warrant, arrest without charges or probable cause, try and convict without a jury (much less due process), eavesdrop on all DOMESTIC communication, And now, track all your bank transactions.

And Bush has the audacity to become upset when the news leaked out. He claims the newspapers are undermining the war on terror.
No, they are helping. He is playing right into their hand…

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