I should be asleep, but I realized something I need to remember.

Right now my parents opinion means a lot. I trust them. I always have, but there was a significant period of time where I thought I knew better about many things. But I found out I was wrong.

Now if I need advice, I turn to them. If I need support (which I have needed a lot of lately…) I turn to them. If I need to talk, I turn to them. And you know what? They advise. They support. They listen and gab it up. 2000 minutes a month I chew up talking to my Mom. Just about things. Life. What happened at work. Problems, solutions. She puts her life on hold to talk to me.

And that is truly amazing. She never has to go because she is busy, or is watching a movie. She has a patience which I cannot even fathom – I don’t know how she does it.

Truth is, my parents are the best people I know. They are the most important people to me. I owe everything I am to their guidance and, well, genes :-).

When it comes to matters of import I know my Mother’s advice will not let me down. We may dissagree on the cause / effect / existance of global warming, but if she approves of something, I feel comfortable approving of it. If she does not approve, it’s probably a bad idea.

I guess the real point is that you should trust your parents, and step back to appreciate how wonderful all those little things they didn’t let you do have helped make you a better person today ;-).
I suppose it is just a part of growing up that we rebel. I regret it.

If you must know, I have decided that this time around, if / when I find somebody new, I will make sure I get MY parents explicit approval (or persuade it out of them :D) first. They know so much more about life than I. I wish I could have realized that sooner.

Goodnight world.

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