Saving Grace

TNT has been pusing their new series “Saving Grace” real hard for the last month or so. They have thrown ad clips in between other shows (Law & Order, for example), and had those annoying lower-right-corner ads during other shows.

They made it sound like another crime drama involving a female investigator, with the twist that she is visited by God, or an angel or something.

So I was not interested, but since there was nothing else on, I watched it last week.

The show is on at 9:00pm – not exactly late – and it is rated TV-MA. The VERY FIRST SCENE is a bad-porn-esque sex scene that is far too revealing for a major network at 9:00pm… especially in a show that has been advertised as a respectable crime drama, during other respectable crime dramas and with a religious overtone.

They spent way too much time demonstrating how disgusting her life is (I believe that was the point), and very little showing us why we should care.
She is only an exceptional investigator insomuch as everybody else she works with are incompetent.

I was generally appalled by lack of thought TNT put into this show. Without the TV-MA rating, and completely unnecessary sex / language, (and a decent plot and believable characters…) this show could be watchable. As it is, I hope TNT gets in some kind of trouble.

So anyway, 9:00pm on Monday rolls around as it often does, and there is nothing on. I decide to give “Saving Grace” another chance…

Within the first 3 minutes she gets tobacco-spit from an angel in a tree who misses the spit bottle (I’m guessing the writers thought this would be funny?), then starts rolling around on the ground with her man-friend, her intentions obvious.

Since they presume to make a self-sustaining show out of the process of “saving” Grace, she is going to have to keep doing things requiring saving – which means that the show will continue to be a complete waste of time.

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