Copyright violation on a … Commercial???

This should be a link to a funny sonic commercial. A commercial that Sonic has to pay TV stations more money than I’ll ever see at once to play several times per day. They are really good commercials, and I like watching them.

But it is not a commercial. Apparently allowing people to download an advertisement of their own free will is a violation of copyright. That’s right, we only get to watch commercials when we are forced to – how dare we WANT to watch a advertisement.

Their website has no contact page.

While it seems like a kind of meaningless thing, I find it absolutely frustrating. When commercials go out of circulation they dissappear entirely. You cannot pay to have access to the commercial (nor should you have to). A worthwhile piece of art is going to be lost just because some sue-crazy executive at Americas Drive In Corp. thinks they need to protect their copyright.

Copyrights are supposed to protect the ability of an artist to make money of a creative work. Not snub out the free exchange of information.

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