Look Ma, I can post with my hands tied behind my ears!

Greetings, fellow readers. It is I, the illustrious sibling of our grand leader, hoping to help with the content. My specialities are art, writing, anime, crazy foreign dance music, and obselete video game systems. Should you want to see any off this stuff, convince someone to let me put it here!! If not, tell me to suck an egg. Which wouldn’t be so bad if it were hard boiled.

We now continue with our regularly scheduled broadcast.

P.S.- Get the new Linkin Park album because Faygo commands you to!

Here is sysadmin.jpg.


Due to a programming mistake on my part all the posts in all SENews locations were deleted. Why did this happen? I neglected to include a where clause while working on the message update script. It changed every single post in the whole thing to say what I entered. This ‘bug’ has been fixed, but alas the records are still gone. Luckily, I saved copies of the posts from the main.html and mainold.html. Thank God this is a semi-dynamic news system, eh?

You can access the pre-catastrophe news at the link in the title of this post or here:


Luckily, most of the posts were development junk and SENews status reports.

Have an excellent night.