Save the internet!

Congress is working on a bill that would allow telecommunications companies to charge rates for better bandwidth. That is, they are trying to abolish Internet Neutrality.

What this would mean, is they could determine that a particular service is using too much bandwidth, and limit them to a total of 50k/sec. That site would, if it received too much traffic, appear to be non-responsive. What happens when a site is non-responsive?

People go elsewhere.

Go to the site and sign the petition. Here is the letter I included for my congresman.

The internet was founded on the proliferation of freedom. It has been instrumental in bringing nations together and accelerating equality.

Information, and the passage thereof needs to remain free of class and privilege. All nations, all classes, all races deserve the same level of service from the backbone of the internet.

What these companies are suggesting as beneficial is a lie. Imposing artificial limits based on how much a person is willing to pay will alienate those small businesses incapable of fronting the bill.

This does not encourage competition: it is a cleverly disguised assault against it.

The telecommunication companies are all in the business of providing “bulk” services. Since they own the backbone, they don’t have to pay the excess fees. Smaller companies – and even larger ones – Like Google or AOL will suffer – and have to raise rates for their consumers.

The result of this would be a slow – even bottlenecked internet for those who could not afford to pay for more.

I believe you will agree with me that this is wrong, and must not happen.

Please act immediately to save the Internet.


Warner Brothers Inks deal with BitTorrent



Wow. Just wow.

In case you don’t understand, there is no company BitTorrent. BitTorrent is an open source, duty free protocol.

That is like saying Warner brothers signed a deal with Ethernet.

Oh man.


OK, so the arrogant self worshipper Bram Cohen went and took his open source technology and “trademarked” the name and started a “company.” A company which nobody uses. A company he should not have named after a technology that the community has done more for than he ever will.

His clients are clunky, featureless, and oh yeah, written in python. Pretty much the most worthless programming language on the planet (tabs for heaven’s sake. What the heck!)

Yeah, so this ticks me off. If he wanted to start a site, fine. But don’t be a jerk and name it after a TECHNOLOGY. Much less an OPEN SOURCE TECHNOLOGY. Much less an OPEN SOURCE TECHNOLOGY FOR WHICH THE ORIGINATOR’S UTILITIES ARE GENERALLY CONSIDERED CRAP.

Ok, now I’m really done.

Repair and updates

I had to reinstall nucleus, and repair a database table. I’ve never had to do that before!!

I hope nothing important went missing. Guess I’ll find out when the two people who visit my site check in. That should be in about…. oh 2 weeks 😛

So about 3 hours ago I popped up my site fully intent on posting about something, and was totally distracted by the fact that the thing was broken. And now I cannot recall what I was going to say.


Do you like my new layout? I found it on the nucleus site and thought it was pretty cool. It took a bit of work to get it to behave, but I think it’s pretty nice now.
I enabled member signups, so if you want to track comments, go ahead and signup 😀