The world is going to heck

Palestine switches from one terrorist organization to another.

Google is no longer a good guy. China is probably one of the greatest violators of human rights in the world, but the western world overlooks it because we can get our stuff made for so cheap there.
Do you know why that is? The gov’t would like you to think it is because of exchange rates or cost of living, but that is BS. It is because workers in china making stuff for the US get paid less than $3/hour and it is just barely enough for them to buy food. They do not have benefits of any kind. If they do not perform, they are not only fired, but they can be killed. If they are injured on the job? Too bad! Better hope they still need people when you recover.

The citizens of China are not treated like humans, but the benevolent US cannot afford to do anything about it. Where would we get our flashlights? I mean geez, businesses would have to actually pay people an ammount of money that they could live from. I guess we just can’t afford that.

Anyway, one of china’s policies is internet censorship. They block the porn stuff, the bomb stuff, the racist stuff. But they also block the freedom stuff, the liberty stuff, the democracy stuff. You are not allowed to search for freedom on the internet in China. References to words about freedom were removed from the chinese version of windows. Now google is helping. Their search engine is going to pretend that freedom doesn’t exist for people in china. Anything the government doesn’t want their people knowing about will be more than innaccessible – it will be non-existant.

And to boot, google teamed up with AOL. Perhaps it is time to find a new search engine. Money has become more importnat than people for Google, and that’s really sad.

But that’s not all!

Bush screwed up. Iraq was / is a fiasco. The world hates us because he’s suck a freakin’ idiot. Notice what countries don’t get attacked or threatened: the swiss. The netherlands. Those countries who mind their own business.

The Arabs hate us with the fire of a thousand dragons, and that is unlikely to change. They hate our beliefs. It is part what we are doing, but an even greater portion what we stand for. We allow so many things that are not allowed in their culture, and they don’t want our ways infiltrating theirs. I don’t know if there is a solution, but I sure as heck know that invading their countries and threatening them is not going to make them look at us in a kinder fashion.

Take a look at what the insurgents in Iraq are asking for. Release of prisoners. Military evacuation from Iraq. They are not asking for Saddam back, or for US surrender or the blood of our country. They want the millitary out and the people free.
Bush’s big mistake was arrogance. After the capital fell, and Saddam left, we should have began reconstruction. The people were on our side and thought well of us. Instead, we tore through people’s homes looking for one man no longer in power. Was it really that ungodly important that we locate him? So important that we should tear up peoples homes without apology?
After Saddam was located, the millitary should have been out of there, right away, and civilian aid should have entered with military protection. The UN wanted to take over reconstruction, BUT NOOOO. The US gov’t was all like “We did all the work breaking them down, we get to put them back together” With what? rifles and tanks?

We have blown it. The US cannot fix Iraq. We will only make it worse by trying. But we would also make it worse by leaving.

When will we have a president who isn’t a freaking idiot? Reagan was a joke, Bush 1 was a joke, clinton was a joke, bush 2 is a very bad joke.

We will when somebody passionate and intelligent is elected. Not crazy selfish or greedy – wise and truly interested in the welfare AND OPINIONS of the people. Just because you were elected does not mean the US supports your personal worldview.

It is time for that man to go.
Watch it. All the way through. Then feel free to disagree with me.

About those carrots

Yeah, that burning I was talking abut may not have been normal. I almost completely lost my ability to taste with my tongue. As a testament to the relative importance of the tongue vs. nose, it took me two days to realize that I had lost my sense of taste. I just kept thinking there was something wrong with the food. It wasn’t till I drank some Mellow Yellow that tasted very watery that I realized my taster was off. I was glad to know that Papa John’s pizza was not bad, and that I didn’t need to salt the refried beans.

It was the carrots. I had eaten a lot of carrots in the last few days, because I had them around and they were tasty. Turns out they were all I could taste. Everything else was gone and it was sad. I tried putting some salt right on my tongue, and I couldn’t even tell it was there till it started burning.

It took about 36 hours from stopping the carrots till the taste started to return. As it was coming back, tastes were delayed. I’d put something on the tongue, and a few seconds later a taste would sort of fade up and I could say, “hey this might be sweet”, but it was only vague.

Another thing. If you, like me, have read that apple cider vinegar is an effective home treatment for warts, be forwarned: if you leave it on for a long period of time, it hurts! It makes any skin it is in contact with act as though it is the victim of a chemical burn. And it makes it look much worse for a while. Still don’t know if it will work, but I like the bold effect it is having compared to the otc remedies.