Handling Invalid Enum values in a DataContractSerializer

This all started when I was trying to serialize a CodeDom graph (actually a CodeNamespace object) using a DataContractSerializer. I hit the dreaded “Enum value ‘20482’ is invalid for type…”


(Note: this error was the showstopper after many other errors)

The problem: System.CodeDom.MemberAttributes should have the [Flags] attribute, but it does not. the value of 20482 is the bitwise OR of MemberAttributes.Final (2) and MemberAttributes.Private (20480). One solution was to go through all object in the CodeDom tree with attributes and force it to a single value – this is not really acceptable. Unfortunately, since we are dealing with a .NET Framework type, there is really no way to fix the type itself.

The solution: Fix the serializer… Read on for details.

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